Student mobility enables academics and students to excel

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Over the past two years Scope Global has drawn on existing expertise and networks to explore an entirely new product: student mobility. Aiming to create outstanding international learning opportunities, we have uncovered surprising areas for growth and transformation not only for students and universities, but also for Scope Global’s future.

With a growing emphasis on innovation across the business, Scope Global started to consider non-traditional ways to tap into our unique capabilities in managing people focused programs. Our experience providing in-country management services for PACE International, a Macquarie University program, influenced our approach.

We are now working in partnership with more than 20 clients to relieve some of the time-pressure they face in delivering high-quality international student mobility programs that support transformative learning. To date, the student mobility program has run international study tours for more than 150 participants and established Scope Global as a trusted brand in the sector.

Research shows that international education experiences can have immense impact, creating better students who have increased self-awareness and a more global perspective. Stronger global literacy prepares students to become more capable citizens and professionals. Scope Global is well placed to create and manage international education experiences that go beyond regular travel thanks to our experience in the higher education, international volunteering and international development sectors.

“Having access to a broad range of development actors was the key to the success of our trip,” says Terese Geraghty, convener of the 2017 Vietnam International Development Practice course at the University of Adelaide that was supported by Scope Global.

“The in-country team were invaluable in their knowledge and expertise dealing with young Australians in an overseas environment,” continues Terese.

Scope Global has supported student mobility programs across multiple disciplines, ranging from health, law and environmental science to international development and relations. Our staff manage all logistics and work with academic staff to arrange visits with local experts and organisations that correspond to learning objectives.

Spencer Platten, a student on the Vietnam course, explains that his student mobility experience with Scope Global had immense intellectual and professional value:

“The experience affords you the opportunity to put a lot of the theoretical ideas you have been reading about in classes into real-world practice which, personally speaking, has given me a renewed vigour and confidence in my continuing studies. Scope Global provided an inventive and varied timetable in which we heard different voices and gained new perspectives on a daily basis. These academic opportunities were accompanied by a superbly organised and well-prepared itinerary which meant a stress-free experience for myself, allowing concentration to be focused on study.”

More than just study tours

Scope Global’s student mobility programs are designed to change the way participants see their world. International travel provides a unique opportunity to learn about a new country and reflect on Australia. We make the most of this shift in perspective by building memorable learning opportunities into our programs.

Scope Global achieves learning immersion by combining concepts, context and experience.

Concepts are the academic content, usually provided by a university as part of a course, but supported by Scope Global through tailored itineraries.

Context is a mixture of location-specific information that may include a country’s politics and economics, its culture and

values, its history, and its relation to Australia and other parts of the world.

Experience is what a student sees and does while they are in-country – things like interactions with local people, visits to relevant sites and the daily challenges of not being able to speak a local language. Extending program participants beyond their current experience and comfort, but within a range that they can manage, is important to achieving transformative learning experiences.

Combining these three elements creates an experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. Academic concepts are brought to life in a meaningfuway that is not possible in a lecture theatre.

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