Student mobility

We deliver tailored, faculty-led study tours and short-term student international internships in a wide range of academic disciplines.

By taking concepts from the classroom to the real world, we create powerful learning experiences and enable students to develop a deeper connection with their studies.

Our approach builds on our experience in managing the international mobilisation of thousands of Australian scholars and volunteers over many years and is supported by our networks across the Asia-Pacific region.

While study tours and international internship placements can be transformative experiences for students, we understand that arranging them can be time-consuming for academic and administrative staff.

Leave it with us – we’ll take care of the planning and logistics, and provide support to ensure students are fully prepared. At the same time, we recognise that academic staff have a core role to play in designing and delivering enriching experiences for students.

We work in partnership to deliver student mobility experiences that are tailored to faculties’ individual needs and vision, and are designed to change the way participants see their world.

“I view the world so much differently now. This course has given me the confidence to pursue foreign development aid work in the future.”   Chelsea Allen (student), Vietnam Study Tour 2017  
"Scope Global’s in-country support … was amazing and invaluable for the students and myself. I look forward to the continued partnership with Scope Global in running the Vietnam Study Tour in future years." Dr Thomas Wanner, Senior Lecturer, University of Adelaide, Vietnam Study tour 2018
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