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Accent Learning (for the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade)
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PT Scope Global Nusantara (Scope Global’s Indonesian subsidiary) delivers New Zealand ASEAN Scholarships and in-country English language training.

This includes program promotion, support for the selection of participants, in-country English language training, testing and pastoral care, and pre-award services such as course advice and university applications.

We also deliver aspects of English Language Training for Officials, consisting of testing services, an IELTS preparation course in Indonesia, pre-departure services and logistical support.

The English language training services provided in Indonesia support the overarching goals of the MFAT activity. This activity aims to support sustainable economic development in participating nations through improved use of English for international communication, as well as facilitating and contributing to enduring cooperation and economic ties between New Zealand and countries of the region.

Latest news
Lesila Chand, a participant of Tonga Skills’ training, browsing Food Safety and Handling video training on the Tonga Skills’ training site
23 Oct, 2020

Enabling remote access to skills training in Tonga

Tonga Skills for Inclusive Economic Growth has launched a new training platform for its online skills training courses. This initiative was developed to ensure that people in Tonga are able to access skills training when face-to-face training is not available or possible.

Latest news
Sarah and Orr smiling and working on a design together
16 Oct, 2020

Host institution and intern profile: Cox Architecture

Through the Commonwealth Scholarship Program for South Australia, Scope Global places scholars in industry internships that are designed to enhance their study experience, improve their employment outcomes and support industries experiencing skills shortages.

Latest news
A person sitting with their computer
8 Sep, 2020

International Literacy Day: providing accessible learning opportunities in Nepal

Australia Awards alumnus Sagar Prasai shares how he is contributing towards overcoming the literacy challenges faced by people with disability in Nepal.

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