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PT Scope Global Nusantara (Scope Global’s Indonesian subsidiary) delivers New Zealand ASEAN Scholarships and in-country English language training.

This includes program promotion, support for the selection of participants, in-country English language training, testing and pastoral care, and pre-award services such as course advice and university applications.

We also deliver aspects of English Language Training for Officials, consisting of testing services, an IELTS preparation course in Indonesia, pre-departure services and logistical support.

The English language training services provided in Indonesia support the overarching goals of the MFAT activity. This activity aims to support sustainable economic development in participating nations through improved use of English for international communication, as well as facilitating and contributing to enduring cooperation and economic ties between New Zealand and countries of the region.

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KIT Student Support Services receive the menstrual hygiene management products.
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9 Aug, 2021

The Kiribati Facility and KIT’s MHM Project

The Kiribati Facility has been working with Kiribati Institute of Technology (KIT) to address a need for improved access to menstrual hygiene products. Most supplies are currently available off-campus. This can affect female students’ attendance when they are in need of products.

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9 Aug, 2021

Australia Awards Short Course Provider Information

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Andrew Brown, Director New Colombo Plan Administration & Support Services
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9 Aug, 2021

Scope Global joins the 2021 IEAA Forum

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