Tonga Skills for Inclusive Economic Growth


Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Tonga Skills for Inclusive Economic Growth Program seeks to address the lack of access to quality skills development services that are linked to economic development priorities and growth opportunities across Tonga.

Its objective is to achieve improved economic outcomes for individuals and businesses, including those who are disadvantaged, and ensure such outcomes are sustained locally through systemic change in the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) sector in Tonga. This is achieved through providing targeted and inclusive skill development offerings and better matching skills demand with skills supply.

The program aims to:

  • Improve the employability of participants in national and overseas labour markets
  • Increase productivity in the workplace and potential for earning higher incomes
  • Provide increased access to entrepreneurial skills to complement technical training for micro, small and medium enterprises
  • Provide equitable access to skills development services for people with disabilities, women and people in the outer islands
  • Establish new training models to influence reforms in the national TVET sector.

The program will focus on three outcome areas:

  1. Participants improve livelihoods
  2. Micro, small and medium enterprises increase their business opportunities and incomes
  3. A more coordinated, responsive, flexible and inclusive national skill development system is established in Tonga.

Scope Global was appointed by the Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to manage and implement this program.

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