Roam Experiential Learning

A group of students smiling and posing in Vietnam

Roam Experiential Learning, a brand of Scope Global, draws on more than 27 years of experience working in the Asia-Pacific region to offer high quality international study tours for university students.

The interactive and immersive programs take students out of the classroom to study the important international issues of today in locations where they’re most relevant.

Roam’s approach is based on experiental learning. In experiential learning, the role of the lecturer is not to transfer their knowledge to the student, but to facilitate the gathering, critical analysis and synthesis of information through personal observation and experience.

The 2-3 week study tours offer a wide range of topical issues such as climate change, migration, human rights, the sustainable development goals and transnational water policies.

Participants meet a diverse range of experts and practitioners working on the ground, and visit a range of field sites, to add context and depth to their academic learning.

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