Mavens with Scope Global staff

Maven is a professional service provider for corporates and communities seeking to improve their inclusion and diversity practices. Maven aims to break down barriers to inclusion into the corporate and cultural space, while also creating employment opportunities for people with disability.

We want communities and corporates to develop a genuine interest in learning from people with disability. We want people to talk about disability openly, to ask questions, to be curious, and to seek help – by providing the assistance of guides who are experienced and knowledgeable experts in inclusion. Our mavens are conduits of connection, who can guide and co-design an approach to disability and diversity at work and in the community.

Mavens work with clients to reduce societal barriers and enhance participation for all. Examples of services Mavens offer include:

  • Institutional
    Development of social inclusion policies, action plans and best practice guidelines
  • Physical and online
    Access reviews of workplaces, venues and online spaces to ensure they are accessible for all
  • Attitudinal
    Training on the human rights approach to disability inclusion
  • Communication
    Assistance with websites and communication strategies to meet accessibility standards


Learn more and reach out via the Maven website.

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