JobStart Philippines


Asian Development Bank (ADB)

In 2011, the Government of the Philippines, through the Department of Labor and Employment, requested Asian Development Bank assistance to improve employment facilitation systems.

Interventions were envisaged to support policy development, regulatory reviews, capacity development at public employment services offices (PESOs), and design and implementation of a pilot project – JobStart – assisting the school-to-work transition for at-risk youths.

JobStart was created and initially piloted in four local government units in and around metro-Manila to enhance the employability of at-risk youth by:

  1. Improving the labour market information available to youth by strengthening PESO capacity to offer timely, accurate information on job vacancies and needed skills, and assist with job searches; and
  2. Providing youths with access to technical and life skills training demanded by employers, opportunities for work experience with learning on-the-job, and mentoring and tools for improving job searches and their outcomes.

Scope Global was engaged by the Asian Development Bank to manage the implementation of the JobStart pilot in the initial four local government areas. Following a review of the pilot which demonstrated employer and beneficiary satisfaction to the Government of the Philippines, Scope Global is managing the rollout of JobStart to a further 10 locations around the Philippines across Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao. 15,000 JobStart beneficiaries will be supported by the program which is funded by the ADB through a grant from the Government of Canada.

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