Cambodia Strengthening Technical and Vocation Education and Training Project II


Asian Development Bank

Years active: 2013 – 2014

This project supported the Government of Cambodia in improving access to, and relevance and quality of, the formal technical and vocational education and training (TVET) system.

Its key focus was to achieve a market responsive formal TVET system through partnerships with employers and industry. To design the project, a robust participatory process involving all relevant stakeholders was necessary to seek consensus on the scope, coverage and priority reforms that the project would support.

Scope Global recruited, contracted and managed a large team of specialists and worked closely with the Cambodian Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training and Cambodian industry to design a project focussd on strengthening TVET management and delivery systems to produce graduates with skills that match labour market demand.

Key outputs included:

  • A situation and gap analysis of the formal TVET system
  • An analysis of labour market trends and private sector engagement in TVET sector development
  • Cost estimates and a financing plan
  • An analysis of the project’s financial and economic viability and sustainability
  • A Project Administration Manual.

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