Bird’s Head Business Empowerment Program


International Finance Corporation / British Petroleum (BP)

Years active: 2006 – 2010

The Bird’s Head Business Empowerment Program aimed to improve the capacity of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Bird’s Head region (West Papua Province in Indonesia) to compete for business opportunities (goods and services supply) required by the construction and operations of the BP Tangguh Plant.

The key goal of the program was to institutionalise an approach to business empowerment and capacity building that would allow Bird’s Head businesses to better compete for opportunities arising from the plant’s development and operations. This was achieved through:

  • Increasing the value, quantity, and proportion of procurement with local SMEs
  • Strengthening business, management, and technical viability of targeted SMEs
  • Increasing SME competitiveness and access to alternative markets
  • Promoting adjusted, institutionalised, supply chain management systems within partners aimed at promoting SME development
  • Promoting sustained, broad-based economic development in the target areas.

Scope Global implemented and coordinated the needs assessment for training and mentoring activities including design, delivery, supervision and monitoring. The team designed a training curriculum to develop basic business skills in the core competency areas deemed to be deficient among most SMEs in the target regencies.

A total of 324 SMEs in five remote cities (Fakfak, Sorong, Manokwari, Babo and Bintuni) were trained and, of these, 49 were selected for consulting and mentoring tailored to their particular needs. In addition to the training and mentoring activities undertaken with SMEs, an agricultural extension training program was implemented. The program aimed to provide assistance to farmers to grow and market a consistently high quality produce at a competitive price.

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