Bhutan Institutional Strengthening for Skills Development


Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Year active: 2016

This Asian Development Bank-financed technical assistance project aimed to support the Royal Government of Bhutan to plan for higher quality, relevant, technical and vocational education and training (TVET) throughout the public, private and community sectors and to improve the relevance of TVET in Bhutan.

Scope Global was contracted by the Asian Development Bank to assist in delivery of the project through providing international and a national expertise in TVET policy and strategies, labour market analysis, educational financing, media and social marketing, and career counselling.

The specific assignment consisted of three main output areas that aimed to contribute to overarching technical assistance outcomes:

  1. Recommendation of strategies for the launching of the TVET Blueprint and development of a social marketing/promotion campaign template
  2. Report on career guidance and job placement activities in schools
  3. Provision of financial and other analysis for the TVET Blueprint for Bhutan and related operational plans.

The project was very well received by the Bhutanese Ministry of Labor and Human Resources and was successful in achieving two key project outputs: (1) Developing a blueprint for TVET; and (2) Planning and piloting professional development measures to improve the quality and relevance of TVET.

The following outcomes were also met in line with the original design and project monitoring and evaluation framework:

  • Communication and advocacy strategy to promote TVET finalised
  • Completion of a needs analysis and then  professional development training for 50 counsellors and job placement officers
  • A financial assessment of TVET completed with results published in the TVET Blueprint.

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