Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYAD)


Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

Years active: 2002 – 2014

The Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYAD) program was a signature initiative of the Australian Government that aimed to strengthen mutual understanding and linkages between Australia and countries in Asia, the Pacific and Africa whilst making a positive contribution to development.

The program placed skilled young Australians (18-30 years) on short-term volunteer assignments of 3-12 months duration in developing countries. AYAD volunteers worked with local counterparts in host organisations to achieve sustainable development outcomes through capacity building, skills transfer and institutional strengthening.

Scope Global was contracted by the Australian Government to manage all aspects of AYAD between 2002 up until the retirement of the AYAD brand and program in 2014. After this time, Scope Global continued to manage the Australia Volunteers for International Development program until 2017.

Key AYAD facts:

  • Scope Global supported more than 4300 young Australians to live and work overseas in 23 countries throughout Asia, the Pacific and Africa
  • More than 2000 overseas organisations, including grassroots civil society organisations, national and international NGOs, education institutions and multilateral organisations, hosted an AYAD volunteer
  • More than 4000 returned AYADs are part of the Australian volunteers alumni community
  • More than 350 Australian organisations supported one or more young Australians on their volunteering journey.

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