A Mongolian Australia Awards scholar standing an smiling at her university

Australia Awards in Mongolia

03 May 2019

September 2018 marked the beginning of Scope Global’s management of Australia Awards in Mongolia, the longest running Australian aid program in Mongolia. Through the Australia Awards, Mongolian professionals are supported during their postgraduate studies at Australian universities. The qualifications obtained aim to align with Mongolia’s National Development Strategy, in turn upskilling…

David in his workshop, where he is working on building unmanned aerial vehicles.

Commonwealth scholar pursues dream in electronics

10 May 2019

Through an Australian Government scholarship initiative, Scope Global is supporting South Australian industries to fill skill shortage gaps and assisting scholarship recipients like David to gain employment after they finish their study. After 18 years in the IT industry in South Australia, David Koukourou decided to return to study to…

Illustration depicting a woman with an assistance dog and a man in a wheelchair

Devex's Development Enabled series

02 May 2019

Scope Global partnered with Devex for the Development Enabled series, which proved to be an engaging and transformative opportunity for us to participate in international dialogue about disability inclusion in international development alongside partners such as the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and CBM. Disability inclusion advisor Alex…

Introducing Roam: Experiential Learning

04 April 2019

Harnessing our 27+ years of experience working in Asia and the Pacific, we’re excited to announce the launch of Scope Global’s new program:Roam: Experiential Learning.Roam offers interactive and immersive study programs for students to take their learning outside the lecture theatre. These international study tours guide university students on globe-trotting adventures,…

Scope Global + Devex: "People with disabilities are the experts in disability inclusive development"

20 March 2019

Scope Global had the privilege of joining a global conversation as a partner in Devex’s Development Enabled content series.Our Disability Inclusion Advisor provided insights about why people with disabilities are the authority on how best to integrate disability inclusion in development programs. This is a summary of some of the content we contributed to…

IWD 2019: Australia Awards alumna Unaeza's commitment to regional education in Pakistan

08 March 2019

We reflect on the achievements of Australia Awards alumna Unaeza Alvi, who is making Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) education accessible in remote areas of Pakistan.Unaeza is the brains behind a mobile STEAM lab that can travel to Pakistan’s remote locations and give students in those villages the opportunity…

IWD 2019: New Colombo Plan scholar's global commitment to female participation in democracy

07 March 2019

Grace Corcoran is a 2018 New Colombo Plan Scholar in the Federated States of Micronesia. This International Women’s Day Week, she shared her internship experience through the scholarship. For my New Colombo Plan (NCP) Scholarship Program, I have had the opportunity to undertake an internship with the organisation Women and Democracy, in…

IWD 2019: Kate's role in climate change planning and disaster relief in Tuvalu

06 March 2019

With 12 years’ experience in the Pacific region, specialising in social development and climate change planning, Kate was keen to work with the Tuvalu government to coordinate and track the progress of the cyclone recovery.“I was really ready for a challenge,” she says. “It was an excellent opportunity to combine…

IWD 2019: Empowering women in Sri Lanka, one surfer at a time

06 March 2019

From a very young age, the girls and young women of Sinna Ulla, a neighboring village in the Arugam Bay area, have been teaching eager swimmers the tricks of surfing. Some of them have been surfing from as young as 14 and are proud members of the Arugam Bay Girls Surf…

IWD 2019: Joyal reaches for the sky through JobStart

05 March 2019

Joyal Langoy, 23, graduated from a mechanical engineering degree and was looking for the next step. Through a collaboration between JobStart Philippines and Moog Controls Corporation, Joyal now works as an Assembly and Test Technician at Moog in Baguio City. She assembles valves that go into actuators, that will then…