Official launch of Maven – our disability inclusion consultancy practice.

17 December 2019

Last Wednesday 11 December 2019, Scope Global launched our new disability inclusion consultancy practice – Maven. Maven is a professional service provider for corporates and communities seeking to improve their inclusion and diversity practices. Maven aims to break down barriers to inclusion into the corporate and cultural space, while also…

Sean and Liam find inspiration through shared adversity.

22 November 2019

Sean and Liam were both involved in vehicle accidents which instantly changed their course of life. Now well into their recoveries, Sean and Liam have joined a program in Tonga which promises to change their lives once more. In this story we meet two young South Australians whose extraordinary journey…

Geoff and Romany's shared experiences go a long way in recovery

13 November 2019

Adjusting to life after an accident can be enormously challenging. Now that the visible wounds have healed, Geoff and Romany are learning the importance of sharing their stories to help come to terms with their changed abilities. A new opportunity has taken them to the Tonga where Geoff and Romany…

It's a win-win for Geoff and people with disability in Tonga

11 November 2019

After a life changing accident Geoff found himself not able to do the things he used to. It's been a massive challenge. But a new opportunity has helped him see the good in himself, while helping others living with a disability. With thanks to Lifetime Support Authority - LSA, NATA…

An employee from Yuhibuhi Forest Resort walking with a tray

World Tourism Day 2019 - celebrating local tourism operators in Sri Lanka's east

07 September 2019

27 September marks the United Nations’ World Tourism Day. Around the world, tourism generates 10% of jobs and has the potential to create decent work in line with Sustainable Development Goal 8. This year, World Tourism Day celebrates the role of tourism in job creation through the theme ‘Tourism and…

Teakin working with many IT cables

From construction to IT

03 May 2019

IT trainee at the Kiribati Institute of Technology (KIT) and construction graduate, Teakin Kabure prides himself on his versatile skills. When Teakin found out about the courses KIT offers, he was working in various jobs in construction and maintenance. In the hope of working as a tradesman in Australia, Teakin…

A Mongolian Australia Awards scholar standing an smiling at her university

Australia Awards in Mongolia

03 May 2019

September 2018 marked the beginning of Scope Global’s management of Australia Awards in Mongolia, the longest running Australian aid program in Mongolia. Through the Australia Awards, Mongolian professionals are supported during their postgraduate studies at Australian universities. The qualifications obtained aim to align with Mongolia’s National Development Strategy, in turn upskilling…

David in his workshop, where he is working on building unmanned aerial vehicles.

Commonwealth scholar pursues dream in electronics

10 May 2019

Through an Australian Government scholarship initiative, Scope Global is supporting South Australian industries to fill skill shortage gaps and assisting scholarship recipients like David to gain employment after they finish their study. After 18 years in the IT industry in South Australia, David Koukourou decided to return to study to…

Illustration depicting a woman with an assistance dog and a man in a wheelchair

Devex's Development Enabled series

02 May 2019

Scope Global partnered with Devex for the Development Enabled series, which proved to be an engaging and transformative opportunity for us to participate in international dialogue about disability inclusion in international development alongside partners such as the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and CBM. Disability inclusion advisor Alex…

Introducing Roam: Experiential Learning

04 April 2019

Harnessing our 27+ years of experience working in Asia and the Pacific, we’re excited to announce the launch of Scope Global’s new program:Roam: Experiential Learning.Roam offers interactive and immersive study programs for students to take their learning outside the lecture theatre. These international study tours guide university students on globe-trotting adventures,…