‘Lighting the Paths to Change’ at the 2018 IEAA Forum

11 April 2018

We’re pleased to be taking part in the 2018 International Education Association of Australia Scholarships and Fellowships Forum.

This year’s forum will highlight the various pathways that sponsors, education providers, students and alumni can use to ensure awardees can utilise their newfound skills and expertise to create positive change.

The forum’s theme is highly relevant to our purpose here Scope Global – enabling people to positively change their world – and the work we do every day to provide professional and responsive support to scholars, fellows and education institutions. Scope Global supports more than 2000 scholars and fellows per year and provides a wide range of scholarships program management and support services.

We’ll also be contributing to some of the panel discussions and sessions over the 1.5 day forum.

Rod Sollesta, Deputy Team Leader, Australia Awards South and West Asia, will participate in the ‘On-Award Engagement in Australia’ panel and speak about Australia Awards South and West Asia’s menu of on-award engagement activities.

He will discuss how these activities contribute to achieving the overall program goals and objectives – and particularly how alumni can use their skills and knowledge to facilitate development after they return to their home countries. He will also discuss how awardees’ positive experiences in Australia can strengthen our international reputation.

Alison White, Program Manager, Defence Cooperation Scholarship Program and Liselle Nelmes, Program Manager, Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowshipswill both participate in a ‘sponsor speed dating’ event. This gives attendees the opportunity to speak directly with sponsors and ask specific program-related questions in small groups. The event is always informative, a lot of fun and a great networking opportunity.

Alison will also participate in a program update session in collaboration with the Department of Defence. They will provide information about changes to the program, share tips for institutions on attracting Defence Cooperation Scholarship Program students, and discuss unique features of the cohort and how this may impact universities.

Scope Global provides support to a number of scholarship programs on behalf of our clients. In addition to those mentioned above, the programs include the New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program, the Commonwealth Scholarships Program for South Australia, and Australia Awards Papua New Guinea In-Australia Support.

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