IWD 2019: Joyal reaches for the sky through JobStart

05 March 2019

Joyal Langoy, 23, graduated from a mechanical engineering degree and was looking for the next step. Through a collaboration between JobStart Philippines and Moog Controls Corporation, Joyal now works as an Assembly and Test Technician at Moog in Baguio City. She assembles valves that go into actuators, that will then go into airplanes. This position has allowed Joyal to become independent, as well as support her family – both were important goals for her.

JobStart aims to ease the transition from school to work for at-risk youths in the Philippines. The program places trainees into organisations to gain applicable skills and valuable professional experience.

This International Women’s Day week, we’re sharing Joyal’s story of finding her potential in a fast-paced, innovative industry.

Watch the video below for more.