Introducing Roam: Experiential Learning

04 April 2019

Harnessing our 27+ years of experience working in Asia and the Pacific, we’re excited to announce the launch of Scope Global’s new program:

Roam: Experiential Learning.

Roam offers interactive and immersive study programs for students to take their learning outside the lecture theatre. These international study tours guide university students on globe-trotting adventures, combining academics and travel.

Group of students stand on bridge looking out to water in Vietnam

We’re big believers that experiences can offer more value to a degree.

In experiential learning, the role of the lecturer is not to transfer their knowledge to the student, but to facilitate the gathering, critical analysis and synthesis of information through personal observation and experience.

Students in green house receiving a guided tour in Singapore

Our experiences will tackle topical issues in the areas of climate change, migration, human rights, the sustainable development goals and transnational water policies.

With in-country support, guest speakers, a curated list of readings and assignments, students gain an even more enriching academic experience.

Step out and escape the lecture theatre with Roam: Experiential Learning.

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