From construction to IT

03 May 2019

Teakin working with many IT cables

IT trainee at the Kiribati Institute of Technology (KIT) and construction graduate, Teakin Kabure prides himself on his versatile skills.

When Teakin found out about the courses KIT offers, he was working in various jobs in construction and maintenance.

In the hope of working as a tradesman in Australia, Teakin pursued the Certificate II in Construction Pathways at KIT.


KIT student Teakin working in the carpentry workshop

This course has a focus on developing skills to become a successful carpenter. While the course is a certification towards a trade, it integrates a variety of other useful units, including carrying out calculations and how to use the internet to conduct research.

This exposure to computers set the foundation to a different career path as he pursued and successfully obtained the role of IT trainee at KIT.

Teakin cleaning and repairing IT equipment

“I developed an interest in IT during my study here in KIT, starting from the basics on how to operate a computer and its components and features.”

Teakin is a believer in acquiring skills in many areas. His thirst for knowledge across a variety of fields has led him to be adaptable – flexibility that could lead to other interesting opportunities.

“From my perspective, I see my career as an IT technician but I also have other options as a backup plan just in case I can’t achieve the first one. So it is good to have knowledge and skills in other areas so that they can be helpful in my career.”

Teakin with IT equipment at the Kiribati Institute of Technology

The Kiribati Facility aims to develop a more qualified and mobile I-Kiribati workforce through relevant qualifications. Scope Global manages this program on behalf of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Visit the website to learn more.


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