Devex's Development Enabled series

02 May 2019

Illustration depicting a woman with an assistance dog and a man in a wheelchair

Scope Global partnered with Devex for the Development Enabled series, which proved to be an engaging and transformative opportunity for us to participate in international dialogue about disability inclusion in international development alongside partners such as the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and CBM.

Disability inclusion advisor Alex Kay shared insights on why people with disabilities are experts in disability inclusion with the right support. She shared five lessons on how to effectively include people with disabilities in development programs, based on our experiences in Australia and abroad. This is certainly topical to a wide audience, as her opinion piece was the most viewed article from the campaign.

Alex also spoke on how to chart a new path for disability inclusive development. This article suggests solutions to overcome challenges faced by people with disability in developing countries such as finding the right assistive technology to improve inclusivity at work and in schools, overcoming societal stigma, access to affordable health care, addressing violence against those living with disabilities, and working closely with disabled people’s organisations.

Scope Global consultant Ben Clare, who is legally blind, shared his experience of working on disability-related projects in Pacific island countries and Australia in this short video.

A highlight of this campaign: participating in the #DevEnabled Twitter chat. This was a stimulating conversation between some key players in the global disability inclusion space. We enjoyed reading the insightful, diverse answers to the proposed questions, including Alex’s answer to “how do disability-inclusive practices and programs help to deliver the SDGs’ aim of leaving no one behind?”


Alex Kay tweet saying 'People with disabilities are members of all communities and experience multiple layers of intersectionality. Considering people with disabilities in programs means that 15% of the population are not being left behind and that they are brought into the intersect #DevEnabled

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