Moira Were AM


Moira is a social entrepreneur and advocate for women and people who are disadvantaged who has brought a fresh, innovative and inclusive approach to businesses, government and not-for-profits in Australia and around the world.

Moira is highly regarded for her creative and inclusive cross-sectoral work. Through roles in the public service and as a senior advisor to a cabinet minister, Moira developed policy, advocacy, management and strategic leadership expertise that gave her insight invaluable in her executive, board and director positions. She has served on statutory and regulatory bodies and held a range of leadership roles in not-for-profit organisations.

Dissatisfied with the lack of investment opportunities available to female entrepreneurs and women-led start-up companies, Ms Were founded Chooks SA in 2017.

Moira received an Order of Australia in 2019 in recognition of her significant service to the community of South Australia through a range of roles, and to social welfare.


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