Malia Fa'asolo

Contract and Administration Officer, Tonga Skills

Scope Global employee Malia Fa'asolo wearing Tongan traditional dress and standing in front of some palm trees

What are the main tasks involved in your role?

Preparing contracts for skill development fund activities, preparing and following up on financial acquittal reports for skill development fund activities, and filing and administration.

How long have you worked at Scope Global? 

I started my role in January 2019.

What do you like most about working at Scope Global?

The diverse cultural working environment and economic growth-oriented programs.

What attracted you to your role?

The purpose. Through striving to upgrade local skills in Tonga, as well as in the Pacific, through delivery of training courses, using local resources to increase employability and executing those skills to generate income.

What is your favourite memory of working at Scope Global?

When the new Australian High Commissioner for Tonga visited the Tonga Skills office, and he gave support and encouragement to the team.

What are your interests/passions?

I am interested in working towards enhancing and anticipating training for locals, especially youths.  I encourage them to partake in training courses, especially for the four main sectors of activities funded by Tonga Skills. I am also passionate about the potential for more development activities in enhancing economic growth in Tonga.


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