Jay Thahir

Management Accountant - Southeast Asia

Your title and program/team:

I am a Management Accountant in the corporate finance team and look after the finances for five separate projects that range (geographically) from Southeast Asia to the Pacific islands.

What are the main tasks involved in your current role?

My role involves liaising with project managers across the business, providing financial advice and insight to project managers on managing their projects and interpreting financial information, and management reporting (externally and internally), including providing analysis on the performance in a specified period. I also close accounts and liaise with finance employees across the region to assist them in closing their individual project finances.

How long have you worked at Scope Global?

Just over 9 months.

What do you like most about working at Scope Global?

The people. I love the people and the culture at Scope Global, which makes the work you do so much better.

Which of our values do you identify with most, and why?

One team culture and high performance. I love working in teams and strive to be the best I can possibly be at all times.

What is your favourite memory of working at Scope Global?

My time in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia. I spent a week in Ulaanbataar setting up the Australia Awards in Mongolia project, which was a challenging but an unbelievable experience.

What are your interests/passions?

Love my cricket and soccer. Love chilling out with family and friends. Massive foodie as well.

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