Maven consultants work alongside businesses to identify and remove barriers to accessibility and inclusion.

Our services include:

Accessibility reviews and recommendations

  • Physical premises reviews
    We conduct access checks for physical office spaces, event venues or community locations. After each check, our team provides recommendations and support to increase accessibility.
  • Websites and digital content
    We review websites, digital spaces and social media for accessibility with screen readers and Easy English, and provide recommendations on how to increase accessibility.
  • Policies and procedures reviews
    Through reviewing human resources social inclusion and employment policies, we provide recommendations to ensure your business is adhering to national and state-based legislation for disability.

Disability Access and Inclusion Plans

Maven's experts:

  • Conduct situational analysis to confirm baseline levels
  • Develop monitoring and evaluation outputs and indicators
  • Contribute to activities and actions listed in your business plan
  • Provide independent reviews of progress achieved

Disability awareness training

Our online or face-to-face training is tailored to meet the needs of your business. Training packages are underpinned by the human rights model of disability inclusion.

Training can be tailored to include:

  • Models, definitions and language for disability
  • Accessibility solutions for customer service
  • Intersectionality that people with disability experience
  • Barriers that people with disability face through violence, abuse and neglect
  • How to create accessible websites and documents
  • How to communicate and interact with different types of disability, including invisible disability
  • Q&A panels from industry leaders in accessibility and inclusion

Easy Read Document Conversion

At times, people with intellectual disability may find documents difficult to understand due to large pieces of text, abstract or complex language or lack of images to support understanding.

Maven consultants create simple text to suit the needs of the client in communicating with all individuals in their community. Maven partners with Blend Creative who then create the style, layout and images aligned to Easy Read principles and client branding guidelines. 

Applying detailed review processes and following Easy Read principles, clients are provided with content which includes:

  • Simplified language and grammar
  • One idea per sentence
  • Address readers as “you”
  • Use “we” for the writer
  • Use numerals for numbers
  • Avoid use of abbreviations
  • Simplified font, layout and design
  • Short, simple titles and wide margins
  • Use of bold for important words and phrases
  • Clear, accurate, meaningful images

Want to know more?

Contact or (08) 7120 8400 to speak with our access and inclusion experts.

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