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Michael Zannis

Michael Zannis

As a Maven Adviser, Michael has delivered training and awareness, participated in website and app reviews, and advised on accessible technologies. He has developed and implemented disability action and inclusion plans, accessibility reviews and community consultations, and assisted in developing our virtual agent, May. 

Michael lost his sight at the age of six but has never let this hold him back. He has worked in the disability sector for 25 years and holds qualifications from the University of Adelaide. 

His work achievements include founding a national disability charity and holding board and participatory leadership roles for organisations such as Blind Sports SA, Blind Cricket SA and Inclusive Sports SA

Michael currently works at the Royal Society for the Blind SA where he has held various roles such as IE Braille adaptive technology specialist, in corporate relations and working with youth. Michael has also been the Employee Representative for 6 years on the Royal Society for the Blind Board.

Michael is an avid sports fan. He competed and held captaincy for Australia in Blind cricket for more than 20 years, and in South Australia for almost 30 years. Michael is committed to building a more empowered and inclusive future. 

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