Our disability inclusion experts can work alongside your business to identify and remove the barriers to accessibility and inclusion. Here is a sample of our recent clients. 

Lifetime Support Authority
Two groups of people working together in a small disabled persons organisation

The All Abilities Abroad project provided a platform for four Lifetime Support Scheme participants to mitigate the negative impact on self-esteem and self-reliance from an acquired brain injury and disability.

They did this by travelling to Tonga to share their skills and knowledge across capacity gap areas identified by a Tongan partner organisation, Naunau o e Alamaite Tonga Association Inc (NATA).

The four participants spent 25 days in Nuku’alofa, Tonga exchanging skills, stories and experiences with NATA staff and members, and with people with and without disability in the local community

Three key factors influenced the project’s peer-to-peer model: the relationships developed, the cross-cultural insights and the individual growth of the participants. 

Read more about All Abilities Abroad (PDF)
Relationships Australia Northern Territory
A person wearing headphones and delivering online training through a laptop

I really got a lot from this training. I will have lots to think about in terms of posts for our new website.”

This statement is one of many we received from 74 Relationships Australia Northern Territory staff who completed Maven’s online disability awareness training. 

The online training’s success is testament to the flexibility and adaptability of Maven’s staff, who pivoted to online training modalities and remained committed to raising awareness about the importance of disability inclusion during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


  • 97% of participants found the training to be valuable 
  • 97% of participants claimed to have learned something new 
  • 96% thought the training worked well in an online format
  • 85% of participants gave the training an overall rating of 810 or higher.

The sessions covered a broad range of topics to give participants a full understanding of disability inclusion. 

Relationships Australia Western Australia
A person interacting with their laptop

208 Relationships Australia Western Australia staff completed Maven’s online disability awareness training between March and June 2020.

All participants completed a pre-training survey about their understanding and perception of disability. The responses enabled Maven staff to create tailored training sessions.

In evaluating the effectiveness of the training: 

  • 99% of participants found the training valuable
  • 96% learnt something new
  • 94% of participants found the the training worked well in an online format.

The most valued sessions included those on inspiration porn, disability language and communication skills. 

Participants particularly valued hearing the perspectives of people with lived experience of disability in the training. I found that their perspective as people who have been impacted by disability has added a great deal to this,” said one participant. 

ABC International Development
A person with a white cane standing in front of a leafy background

Maven conducted an accessibility and inclusion technology and computer service assessment for an ABC International Development employee with a disability.

To do this, Maven’s disability inclusion adviser established rapport with the employee through talking about their lived experience of a similar disability and the types of accessibility technology that assists them to participate fully in work. 

Following the Maven assessment, a report was generated listing the key recommendations for reasonable adjustments and technology to support the employee in their role. 

The report will enable us to move forward and make a decision about what equipment our staff member needs,” (ABC ID Project Manager) 

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