Access and inclusion

Two people at a work station in an office
A person using a white cane at a pedestrian crossing

Through our in-house disability and inclusion service, Maven, we seek to break down barriers while creating employment opportunities for people with disability.

Our disability inclusion experts – our Mavens – can work alongside your business to identify and remove the barriers to accessibility and inclusion.

Tailored disability awareness training
Physical premises accessibility reviews
Website and digital content accessibility user testing
Accessibility and inclusion reviews of policies and procedures
Disability Access and Inclusion Plans
Communities of practice
A person in a wheelchair working at a laptop in an office
A person interacting with Maven's virtual agent on a laptop

Our aim is to change the way society views people with disability. 

17.7% of the Australian population identifies as having a disability, with 2.1 million Australians with disability being of working age. Some 71% of these people will leave a website if it is difficult to navigate.

Want to know more?

Contact or (08) 7120 8400 to speak with our access and inclusion experts.

Latest news
A person sitting with their computer
8 Sep, 2020

International Literacy Day: providing accessible learning opportunities in Nepal

Australia Awards alumnus Sagar Prasai shares how he is contributing towards overcoming the literacy challenges faced by people with disability in Nepal.

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A person using a hammer and involved in construction
29 Sep, 2020

Kiribati graduates play a vital role in handwashing station construction

Bwaraam Tominiko, a graduate of the Kiribati Institute of Technology’s Certificate II in Construction Pathways and member of the Business Incubator Group, is working on the handwashing station project in Tarawa.

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A person standing in front of a house in Tonga
15 Sep, 2020

Celebrating skills for resilient youth this World Youth Skills Day

World Youth Skills Day is an opportunity for young people, TVET institutions, and public and private sector stakeholders to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship.